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    DNG Profile Editor v1.0.0.46Beta Question

    b2martin_a Level 2

      I would like to generate a new profile for the D700 using the Camera Neutral v4 profile where I make two changes. 


      1. Add a new tone curve, and 2. Reduce Saturation.  All other parameters do not change.  I realize you can accomplish this in Camera RAW, but I want it integrated into the camera profile.  I plan on generating 3 new profiles where each has a new Tone Curve (increase contrast) and reduced Saturation to compensate for the increase in Saturation I get due to the Tone Curve. 


      You need to use the new DNG Profile Editor to edit v4 profiles.  I do this by using the Tone Curve tab for the new Tone Curve and the Color Matrices tab to modify Saturation (change Primary Red, Green, and Blue Saturation by the same amount).  This works with non v4 profiles, but the Color Matrices and Chart tabs do not work correctly with v4 profiles.  Eric Chan suggested using this approach to modify Saturation in a previous post. 


      Does anyone know if there is a work around that will allow modification of Saturation for v4 profiles with the DNG Profile Editor (v1.0.0.46Beta)?  I tried using the Color Tables tab by selecting the 18 colors in the ColorChecker and changing Saturation of each of the 18 colors by the same amount and leaving all other sliders (Hue and Lightness) at 0.  This appears to work, but I would like to know if I am missing something.


      I would hope that Adobe would correct the DNG Profile Editor to fix this problem with the Color Matrices and Chart tabs for v4 profiles.