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    AIR Installation Issue

      We are running into this issue with our air app installation.

      Our users have installed the AIR app built on beta3. We had a self
      signed certificate at that time. Now, we moved to Air and Flex 3 and
      have a signed certificate. We released our new app compiled with AIR 3.

      But when the install badge is run, the user gets an error saying

      'Sorry, an error has occurred
      The application could not be installed because an application with
      that name already exists at the selected installation location. Try
      installing to a different location.'

      The user has to manually uninstall the existing application which is
      not desirable.

      Is it possible to have the installation seamless. Like uninstall the
      existing app and install the AIR 3 app automatically? We did not have
      this issue migrating from beta 2 to beta 3.

      Anyone know why error occurs? This is a high priority issue for us
      right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

      - venkat