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    Display Driver has stopped responding and has recovered. bsod if I use mercury hardware acceleration


      Hi, I bought a cheap NVIDIA card to go alongside my GTX285 to allow me to use a third monitor for timeline playback. I've done this before with an ati card with no issues but needed to change to a single height card to get the extra slot back.


      It installed it's drivers and then whenever I opened premiere CS6 it would immediately hang and blue screen. I removed the card and rolled back to old drivers but no change. NVIDIA support gave me beta drivers but no change either. They suggested that my card or motherboard was faulty. (Motherboard is a EVGA Sr2) Eventually I found I can edit normally if I turn off hardware acceleration for the mercury playback engine and leave it as software only. Not much use when my GPU supports CUDA.


      Even now the display driver keeps giving me the "stopped responding" message with or without premiere open so I'm thinking there is some hardware issue somewhere. The Blue screen only occurs when I use mercury hardware acceleration.


      I have ordered a GTX470 because I can't afford to spend hundreds on a 690 etc.


      The current driver version is 306.97, error occurs in CS5 and CS6


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael.