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    Print only pages that are checked on page one??? Hidden is possible?


      Please help. I know a little about java and acrobat but not enough to do everything I want.


      I am making a form that has many pages but not all the pages apply to every event. So what I want to do is put a number of check boxes near the top of the form. When I print I only want the pages that are represented by the checked boxes to print.  Even better, I would like those pages not visible at all just print. For example: Page one is a form that one would fill out: name, address, phone number, etc. Near the bottom that person would check all that apply: page A, page B, etc. That’s all he would see but when printed, it prints out the form and any of the pages that are checked.


      Am I asking too much?


      Thank you for any and all help.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible to use a script to print only certain pages, but any contiguous page ranges have to be sent as a single print job. For example, to print pages 1-5, 10-20, and the single page 50, you would have to issue 3 separate print statements.


          It's possible to have non-visible pages (templates), but it's not possible to print them until they are displayed. Since Reader 11 now supports templates, it would be possible to display the selected pages in the order that you want, which would presumably be a single continous range of pages, which would then require just a single print statement, as opposed to multiple ones as described above.