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    Interesting project question - Self contained app that spits out SWFs?

    kapelski Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      We have had some people approach us that do not understand how to use flash.  But here's what they want to do.  They want us to create a program, template, something that gives them the ability to enter their information in an easy to use interface.  That information would then correspond to a "slide".  Then they want the ability to pick and choose a group of slides and their order to create a "lesson".  Lastly they want to be able to output the "lesson that they have built in this interface as a SWF.  Our thought was to create flash templates in that they could plug their information in to those, but this was shot down as they really do NOT understand Flash at all. 


      Is creating something like this even possible?  If so, does anyone have any ideas on what would have to be done to make it work?  Possible programming languages, plugins, setups, etc.  I look forward to hearing what you guys think!