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    XML from Final Cut Pro 7.0.2

    edit4all Level 1

      I have one single text clip in the FCP sequence to test this XML transfer. The text is centered. When imported into Premiere 6, the text is a different font and is up on the upper left corner.


      I have a credit sequence that I need to get into After Effects from FCP. For some reason, Premiere is not translation correctly. Few weeks ago, I was trying to import XML from FCP with some video clips and they would be in the wrong time. I've a feeling the Premiere isn't working as it should be. I just reinstalled Premiere a few days ago and the issue is a problem. I did try another FCP XML export from from another system and version and Premiere is not translating text properly. There's no plugins or trasitions, just basic text or video.


      What can I do get this working?