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    Audio Cuts Back to Start of Clip

    Rich Hall Reps Level 1

      Hi - and thanks in advance for any help you might give.


      I'm using CS6 on a MacBook Pro with 8G of ram w/ OS 10.7.5. It's a music video made up of five clips, each of which is a movie exported from Premiere. I'm a newbie, and this was the easy way to blend pieces of five different songs. Each clip is around 1GB.


      The last clip has fine audio in original form but, when exporting as a final movie, that clip at about the halfway point loses the audio track and replaces it with the same track starting from the beginning of the clip. In other words, four and a half clips play fine, syncing nicely, but then it jumps back to the beginning of the audio track for clip #5.


      I've checked the original clip and even re-imported it and pulled the one I had placed previously. Same problem.


      Also - Ram preview worked previously, though only for a minute or so worth of preview. I'm thinking that is a RAM issue, as in not enough, but uncertain. Worse, trying to check that particular clip I get the error "RAM preview needs two or more frames to playback. This when I've got the playhead in the middle of any clip. If it does work, it looks (and sounds) like it's playing no more than two frames.


      Help, please?


      and thanks.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're probably using a highly compressed format with MPEG compression. You also may have some 3rd party codecs installed. These can also cause problems. The solution would be to transcode the source footage to a production codec with standard production codec audio, replace the compressed footage in your comp with the transcoded footage, and then re-render.


          If that doesn't work then we need to know a lot more about the footage.

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            Rich Hall Reps Level 1

            Hey Rick, thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. The movies I'm importing are H.264 Quicktime movies with all setting at highest possible quality from the original footage, i.e., maximum render quality and 100% quality (and why those are two separate setting I surely don't know) It occured to me after posting that I could do all that I need in Premiere anyway. Probably the easier solution, yes?