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    Asset Management (DRM) - Please Help

    Author Leon

      Hello All,


      I hope this is the right place to to ask this question.


      We use Adobe Premier CS 5.5 and and soon going to upgrade to CS 6.6.


      We are recording lots of small videos, in a green screen, studio, on-site, off site, and lots of small clips that we collected over time. We have quite a few workstations which are mainly macs,  we come from a very strong technological background so our network infrastructure is ridiculously powerful boasting speeds of up to 10 Gb per second and bandwidth in excess of 1200 MB per second. But we are a technology company and we are second nature to this. So when we are moving videos and processing them. We do not have a problem at all. We even have our own render farm with over 100 cores which lease out companies video processing and large automated processes.


      But amongst all the good we have forgotten one part.


      we gone through the painstaking task of selecting all of videos and labelling them correctly. Unfortunately, we been doing this the wrong way.


      We should have been using a video and injecting a lot of meta data into it. which makes sense. But we also wanted to label the videos to make some sort of descriptive suggestion what the video could be.


      one of the things that we need and I am not sure if this is the correct term, is a video asset media manager.


      Ultimately I would love for Adobe Premier to open up an update all the files under a folder and see if there are new ones. But of course we still need a good powerful search system. So my question


      Hypothetically, if we were to have thousands of videos:


      How would we use these videos within an asset media manager software and also does such a thing exists.


      We do not record videos exclusive to one project, we do make common videos that we use across the range of projects.


      If anyone could provide some advice about this I would really appreciate it: I think ultimately we would like the software that we could put all the videos in, description titles about the particular parts and users are able to search them. I guess via the web would be the best because we can have our own internal local server or to stand corrected servers.