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    Problem with textbox


      Hi everybody.

      I'm saving my document from Fireworks .png to Photoshop .psd and everything works more or less OK and now comes the but part :)

      Text boxes appear in Photoshop too big. Height is 500% more than it should be.

      So basically text-boxes in Fireworks appear OK but when I save it as .psd text boxes brake and get to high.

      Only thing I can do is manually adjust text box height in Photoshop which is very time consuming.

      Does anybody have same problem or maybe even better solution?

      I'm offering case of beers for problem solver, this is killing me! I have 30 templates that i need to manually adjust!


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          groove25 Level 4

          I wonder what causes this? I notice that area text in Fireworks doesn't seem to have a height; it simply expands vertically to fit the content. Maybe this is related somehow.


          It's not a pretty solution, but instead of manually adjusting the height of a text box in Photoshop, you can convert it to point text and then back to area text, using the commands Layer > Type > Convert to Point Text and Layer > Type > Convert to Paragraph Text. To make this easier, you could record these two commands as an Action (and call it "FW Text Box fix" or something).


          This solution might be even easier to apply in Photoshop CS6, where you can use the Layers panel to sort content by type, allowing you to find and select all the Text objects in your document more quickly.

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            KAMI29 Level 1

            Great man, this is really helpful.

            This will save great deal of time for me.


            Regarding problem

            There is a height property of textbox in Fireworks, in properties panel in bottom left corner but Photoshop seems to lack that property when text is in edit mode (I'm not really Photoshop user so it can be that I'm missing something).


            Anyway thank you for your answer, this is maybe something that Adobe can include in future versions to enhance compatibility between this two tools.


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              groove25 Level 4

              After posting my suggestion, I noticed that Photoshop's "Convert to Point Text" may have a small widening effect on the text box—not the text column itself, just the bounding box.


              Also, as I was working on this, there were a couple times when it seemed as if the text box in Photoshop fit correctly, without having to make any vertical adjustments. However, I could never replicate this or figure out how it had happened, if it did.


              The text box height in Fireworks, shown in the Properties inspector, is just its height based on the current content. When you draw out the text box initially, its height is only a single line of text, and it expands as you add more text. In Photoshop, the text box can have a specific height in advance of adding text, and it's possible to shorten the height of the box after the fact so that there is overset, or overflow, text. This isn't possible in Fireworks.

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                groove25 Level 4

                The more I think about it, using Photoshop's "Convert to Point Text" may not be such a great idea. In order to retain the intended column width, this command likely inserts line breaks of some sort into the text. I haven't confirmed this, for sure, but after my suggested fix is applied, the text no longer re-flows when the width of the text box is adjusted. This may or may not be a concern for you with this particular project, but it seems worth mentioning.

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                  KAMI29 Level 1

                  Yes couple of times I managed to do same, textbox fitted correctly but I couldn't find out reason.


                  Thanks for all the help.