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    Performance Problems PrPro CS5 - Upgrade to CS6?



      we often notice massive performance problems with PrPro CS5 here.


      e.g. last week we were shooting with a Sony NEX-VG10. (MediaInfo:)

      • Format: AVC
      • Format profile: High@L4.0
      • Format settings, CABAC: Yes
      • Format settings, ReFrames: 2 frames
      • Format settings, GOP: M=2, N=13
      • Bit rate: 16.0 Mbps
      • Width: 1 920 pixels
      • Height: 1 080 pixels
      • Display aspect ratio: 16:9
      • Frame rate: 25 fps


      After linking footage into PrPro plaback stutters.

      PrPro is very often not responsive to the keyboard at all.

      Sometimes PrPro needs some seconds before playback starts.

      This way editing is a pain...


      No fx in timeline, only one or two clips. Same behaviour if I play a clip in the source window.

      Project and sequence settings are correct. Playback quality set to 1/4.

      These problems occure in several projects with footage from different cameras.


      PrPro works ok  with this (PAL/SD-)footage for example - MediaInfo:

      • Format: DV
      • Commercial name: DVCPRO
      • Width: 720 pixels
      • Height: 576 pixels
      • Display aspect ratio: 16:9


      About the computer:

      • Dell Precision WorkStation T5500
      • 24 GB RAM
      • 2 processors w/ 8 cores together: Intel Xeon CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz
      • System: 250 GB (SSD)
      • Media: 2 TB (this is one normal internal hard drive, no raid)
      • NVIDIA Quadro 4000 (driver version 297.03)
      • connected to internet (is a must in this company)
      • connected to intranet, server (is a must in this company, too)
      • optimized for performance
      • windows firewall active
      • AVIRA Porfessional


      What would  PrPro force to work with HD footage?

      • Add an RAID? internal/external?
      • Upgrade to CS6?
      • Edncode footage to another codec before linking it into PrPro? (which codec? encode with AME?)
      • Buy a new processor? (i7? which one?)
      • Buy any Hardware pieces?


      TIA for your guidiance and best regards.