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    Installed PSE 11 trial, used it, now can't find it

    vixler Level 1

      Hi, the other day I installed the trial of PSE 11. I used it for several hours. I also have an old PSE 2.0 on my computer. The next day, PSE 11 was no longer in the start folder. It's also not in the Control Panel. I looked in the admin account of my computer and it's not there either. When I do a search for Elements 11, it shows up but all there is is an empty folder called File Formats. I found the Program Files/Adobe folder that had the PSE 11 folders, but all I see in it that can open anything is the icon for 2.0 rather than 11. I'd like to delete 11 and try downloading it again, but I'm not sure if it's OK to delete the Program Files. I'm not even sure if the application is in them, I don't see it. I just see Help, HTML, Legal, etc. I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit laptop. Any help is appreciated.