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    Double click on button in ipad


      I have buttons with simple animation. They works well in any browser and mobiles. Only problem is on ipad: you have to touch twice! The first touch starts the animation (on mouse over), the second one goes to the page (on click). (Android goes immediately to the page without animation and it's ok for me).

      How to avoid this?

      Could help if I use: "on click: window.open("gallery/gallery.html", "_self"); " and "touchstart: window.open("gallery/gallery.html", "_self");" ?? Maybe this can avoid the "mouseover" action?


      My button is a symbol with four png making an animation. Into the simbol there are 2 commands: mouseover: sym.play("go"); - mouseout: sym.stop ("in");

      The simbol on the stage have this command: click: window.open("gallery/gallery.html", "_self");

      Just a simple button, I think ...