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    Dyamic dialog participant step - loosing dialog functionality

    ravindrareddydr Level 2



      I have requirement on using dialog.


      We started dynamic dialog participant step, where we can select "Workflow intiator".


      The following way i followed


      1. I just copied /libs/cq/workflow/components/model/dialog to /apps/project/workflow/components- > renamed to dynamic_dialog.

      2. Changed Sling:resourceSuperType from : cq/workflow/components/model/participant to /libs/cq/workflow/components/model/dynamic_participant.


      Started using the dynamic component , But in run time i am not getting dialog .


      Can any one help , where i was wrong ?





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          rush_pawan Level 4

          Here you are trying to merge two different type of workflow components (dialog for simple participant with dynamic participant by making sling:resourceSuperType to dynamicparticipant) which can not be achievable directly by changing the resource super type. Because each OOTB component has been designed for specific purpose and supported by its associated resources. When you did it and tried to use it actually the tratition steps "for example /etc/workflow/models/<workflowname>/jcr:content/model/transitions" which does trasition from one step to other it will not accept it also all associated events will create problem at run time (when it gets fired)


          If you want to extend dynamic participant then use that only (not sure about your requirement) and make modification locally that will allow you better controll (like adding new parameters etc...) else you have to modified most of the things (may be parent component as well)


          I hope it will clarify you why you are facing issue.

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