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    Slider dragging to update following composition

    NicolaMG Level 1

      Dear all,


      I'm working with a composition that renders several views into ONE output frame - let's say output image consists of 3x3 images.

      Then I crop views out of this 3x3 image and pass those to the 3D Glasses effect so see stereo, i.e. render composition is nested into 3D Glasses composition.


      Now the problem: I'd like 3D Glasses' output to change when dragging a slider in an effect inside the rendering composition, i.e. the composition that is input to the 3D Glasses composition.

      But, the 3D Glasses output is not updated until I stop dragging, i.e. releasing the slider by releasing the left mouse button.


      So, is it possible that the output of a following composition can be updated immediately when dragging as effect's slider in a previous composition (nested into the following)???


      This would be really helpful for me and my work!


      I'm working with AE CS5.


      Thanks in advance,



      P.S.: BTW, my problem can be reproduced simply by applying some effect with a slider to a composition. Then nesting this composition into another. Second composition won't be updated immediately!