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    Premiere CS 5.5 & CS6 with Sony HVR-Z5U Camera and HVR-M15AU VTR


      The simple question is: Will this combo work without problems?


      I work for a company that is thinking about upgrading their equipment because it is outdated and their VTRs are starting to break down.  They have MANY hours of footage on MiniDV that must be kept available but I am attempting to transition them to a tapeless workflow.  I am looking at the Sony HVR-Z5U with the additional CF recording unit and the HVR-M15AU VTR.  This will allow the introduction of a tapeless workflow for new footage while still having access to the archives while also recording to tape backup.  They run PCs with Premiere 5.5 and capturing with Sony DSR-40 &45A VTRs


      While doing research, I've encountered posts with people having problems capturing Sony HDV formats into CS 5.5 & CS6 from tape and having the program not recognize HDV cameras or VTRs.  Have these problems been solved? I can't seem to find an definitive answer.


      In the past, I have worked with FCP with a Sony PD-170 capturing with the DSR-11 and experienced virtually no problems. However I know things have gotten more complicated since then.


      Thank you for your help.