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    Change in Text Attibutes with Placed Illistrator Object


      I don’t know if this has been addressed but I am having problems with placing an Illustrator object into an InDesign document.  When I place an Illustrator CS6 object into am InDesign CS6 document the text attributes change.  The fonts becomes bolder but only for the spread where the Illustrator is placed and when the document is exported as a pdf file you still see bolder text for the two pages in the spread.  This seems to be a problem with CS6 since I never saw this problem with previous versions.  It does not matter how you place the Illustrator file either through place command or dragged from Bridge you still see the change.  The strange thing it is only with certain Illustrator files because it does happen all the time. Is there something about the Illustrator file that is causing the problem?