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    Can't play music files in Source monitor (CS6)


      I've just encountered a very strange problem today that that I can't seem to fix.


      If I click on an MP3 or WMA file in the project window it won't play in the source window. It also crashes all the other windows and I have to restart premiere.


      Sometimes it will play in the windows, but then there is no sound even though the audio meters are moving.


      I can however play the music files in the Source window if I double click it in the main timeline. everything is normal doing it that way.


      I don't have any problems with MXF files playing in the Source window.


      So at the moment, I can't review any music file in the source window.


      Anyone know what the problem could be?



      My PC spec is:


      i7 3930

      64GB ram

      4GB nvidia 680

      Creative SB X-Fi sound card


      C drive: SSD

      D drive: 300GB Raptor > Scratch Disk

      F drive: RAID 3 array > video footage


      Media cache is on D drive and "save media cache files next to originals when possible" option checked.