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    Custom Item renderer

    Zolotoj Level 3

      I am working on Spark datagrid. I need to have a checkbox in one on its columns.

      Here is a fragment of my custom renderer:


      public class checkBoxColumnGrid extends HGroup implements IGridItemRenderer




        override protected function childrenCreated():void



           _checkBox = new CheckBox();

           _checkBox.addEventListener("change", onClick);




         public function set data(value:Object):void


           _data = value;

           _checkBox.selected = data[column.dataField] == "true" ? true: false;



        private function onClick(e:Event):void


           data[column.dataField] = String(_checkBox.selected);



         override public function set enabled(value:Boolean):void


           if (_checkBox)

             _checkBox.enabled = value;





      Everything is working fine except the following.

      I aslo want to disable a checkbox after it has been clicked on on making it selected.

      For that I have this code in datgrid inplementation:


      <s:GridColumn dataField="addProduct" headerText="Add Product" sortable="false">



                                                                            <local:checkBoxColumnGrid enabled="{!data.getItemAt(column.columnIndex)}">






      But when I am clicking on a checkbox I am expecting it to get into set enabled code, but it's not getting there.

      Any idea?