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    Does Acrobat XI paste-in-place?

    Bill Lomax Community Member

      It's been a long standing gripe that when you cut and paste elements from one PDF into another that the precise position is lost. Illustrator and InDesign both support this feature. Has this been addressed in the XI version?

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          Dave Merchant ACP/MVPs

          The new Edit Content and Images tool will paste in place by default. The legacy "select object" tool for working with links, buttons, form fields etc does not.

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            Andrej Balaz Community Member

            The Edit Text and Images does not paste in place either. I am sorry but it definitely moves the content, too. Just try it with a custom text box created in Acrobat XI.

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              Dave Merchant ACP/MVPs

              As of the current version the ETI tool uses "paste in place offset" - it respects the original position of the copied item but offsets the pasted object by a major nudge step in X and Y. This was necessary because if the pasted item is exactly on top of the original, the ETI tool cannot choose which to select.

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                Is this only a Mac OS problem or does it also apply to the Windows version?


                (I'm using Acrobat X Pro on a Windows system and Acrobat XI Pro with OS X; the "object tool" of Acrobat X Pro on Windows does a paste-in-place.)

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                  Andrej Balaz Community Member

                  This is an Acrobat problem and thus occurs on all platforms. I have a windows.

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                    Rick Meikle Community Member

                    Hi, Dave. I'm using 11.0.03. How do you execute a "major nudge"? I've tried the usual modifier keys with the arrows to no effect. (And, oddly, it's not turning up in a search.) Personally, I would rather default to paste in place with NO offset. If it lands on top of something else, it can be major nudged at that point, then major nudged back. Oh well.

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                      Can confirm that the Content Editing > "Edit Text & Images" can copy paste to the offset position.


                      However this tool does not allow you to select a form element to allow you to copy it.


                      The Interactive Object > "Select Object" tool copy pastes to the center of the page.


                      So as far as I can see paste in place for form elements is still broken.


                      The only way we have got around this is create a text field as big as the page covering everything else.


                      select all and copy. then paste. The result is centered then deselect all and then select the big 'placer' field and delete it.

                      A cludge of a work around but so far the only way in Acrobat X1 and below. on both Mac and windows.


                      Roll on acrobat X2

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                        Dave Merchant ACP/MVPs

                        If you're trying to create a copy of a form field in the same place on several pages you don't use the copy/paste tools - there's a special tool just for that


                        Forms > Tasks> Other Tasks > Edit Fields > Duplicate

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                          sd_garrett Community Member

                          Hi Dave


                          thanks for the responce .


                          The Duplicate feature is great, and saves time within the same document.


                          It's copying and pasting between documents that is the issue. We have a 26 page contract form that has unique details for each user of a system. We generate the form manually for each user from indesign. Then copy the fields from an existing pdf template. all the fields need to be in arial so we can not use indesigns form creation plugin because it defaults to the Times font. Also there are calculations between many on the fields so this also makes it hard from Indesign.



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                            alexanderflash Community Member

                            Found a creative solution that works for paste-in-place with buttons:


                            1. Make a giant invisible button the size of the page, and have it do nothing. I called my button "Positioning."

                            2. Copy-paste it over to the other document or the other page along with any other buttons or objects

                            3. Delete the big original button, or leave it there to save time.


                            It's ugly, but it seems to work.


                            - ian