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    Adaptive layout loading in container (from Simon Widjaja tutorial)

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      I've been working on a tutorial teaching Flexible layouts, by Simon Widjaja.

      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/create-like-crazy-with-adobe-edge/flexible-layouts-using-adobe-e dge-animate-and-the-edge-commons-library/


      Its really a great tutorial. The responsive part is pretty basic, but for the adaptive part Im having troubles, we are loading his code from github.


      I have created the adaptive symbols and copied all the code.

      Im asked to create a div container. That is simply a rectangle correct? with an ID.


      When I preview, the only thing I see is the container (the rectangle).


      I dont know if people have been doing this, of if anyone might know what the problem might be?



      I have my file here:




      Thanks so much