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    Switching Workstation Temporarily - PC to Mac

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      Hi there,


      I'm in a unique situation, and will try to make this brief. I'm in post on a feature film, shot on the RED, cut in Premiere Pro CS6. Didn't realize the Merge Clips option was for internal use only, and would not split back into multiple tracks when exported as an OMF. So, I need to go back in and resynch the locked picture with the original sound. The twist is that I'm out of town and need to resynch in Chicago (post is LA-based). If I have my drives shipped to me, along with the Premiere file, will I be able to open the project fairly easily on a friend's Premiere-equipped Mac? Any foreseeable obstacles?


      Again, all I have to do is resynch/replace the 86-minute feature and it's Merged Clips (ugh) with original .wavs.