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    Authentication with Edge, weinre is not supported for Fiddler



      laptop- laptop Windows 7

      mobile- iOS iPad


      I installed Edge, the iOS client, chrome extension, as well as Fiddler and CharlesProxy. We have an app that requires authentication, and the UN/PW cannot be passed via URL params. I configured the iPad to use a proxy, as detailed in  http://blogs.adobe.com/edgeinspect/2012/05/16/shadow-charles-proxy-virtual-hosts-workflow/  Both proxy apps use port 8888 by default.  The site I am trying to hit is external and not a localhost. Here is what I am seeing so far.

      1. Using Fiddler, I am able to connect remotely, and essentially, what is shown on the iPad is a mirror of my laptop's chrome browser. The problem is that I am unable to initiate remote inspection using weinre, specifically, under the weinre remote button, my device is not listed
      2. Using Charles Proxy, again, I can connect remotely, but am unable to get past the authentication screen. However, weinre's remote inspection is working and my device is listed under devices. The request looks correct, but when I try to enter a valid UN/PW in the iPad, an error dialog shows with "server returned incorrect response type [200]".


      How is the correct way to authenticate with Charles? Or is there a way to have weinre attach correctly using Fiddler2?