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    Are keyboard shortcuts possible for "assign source video" in the timeline?


      I'm a recent convert from FCP7.

      I'm using the FCP7 keyboard shortcut layout with additional customizations.


      I work with a lot of footage, cutting short sections of clips to music, and like using keyboard shortcuts.

      I usually have about 4 active tracks where I stagger the clips...track 1, track 2, etc.

      In the timeline I can turn tracks on and off via assigned shortcuts but can only find a way to toggle on/off the Assign Source Video.


      I am having to use the mouse just to choose the assigned track when everything else can be done via shortcuts.

      Anyone found a way to do this via the keyboard?

      I'd appreciate the help.





      Using CS6, Mac 10.8.2, Mac Pro 2 x 2.8 Quad Core xenon, 8G RAM, ATI HD5770, Matrox external monitoring out to a Panasonic 42" plasma.