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    How to batch resize in Bridge CS6 or Image Processor using height only?

    teknofile Level 1

      I have batches of images that need to resized based on height only and would like to do so using Bridge/Image Processor. My height requirement is 1140px, however the original images are varied in landscape/portrait orientation and are of different aspect ratios (2:3, 3:4, etc). So far what I have had to do is filter in Bridge just the landscape images then select an aspect ratio, then plug into Image Processor the exact pixel dimensions of the resized images (that I discovered using Photoshop to resize and check the resulting pixel dimension). There has to be a more efficient way.


      An example of what I am running into:


      Image 1

      Original file = 5616 h x 3744 w Portrait orientation

      Resized file = 1140 h x 760 w


      Image 2

      Original file = 3744 h x 5616 w Landscape

      Resized file = 1140 h x 1710 w


      Image 3

      Original file = 4652 h x 3489 w Portrait

      Resized file = 1140 h x 855 w


      From that example, is there a way I can plug just the height number in Image Processor (or any other Photoshop utility) so I can just batch out a bunch of images all at once?


      FYI - I am not interested in buying any new software such as Lightroom to accomplish this task. I would like to remain within Photoshop/Bridge if possible.