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    Problem with uploading any file that includes an image

    kbws1 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am using the Adobe developer tool and here is my problem. I have a file field that a user can pick and select a file with. I only have .pdf or .docx allowed. It all  works fine if the uploading file has no image in it. With no image or logo the file uploads fine and the name of the file goes into my sql table. As soon as I add a simple logo to that file, then not even the name of the file gets saved. It seems, for  some reason, the upload part does not recognize the file. I even tried to just save the name of the file without the file being uploaded.


      My confusion is why does it care wether there is an image in the file or not?




      I am using ASP VB script and my server is IIS. I am do frustrated and if anyone can point mt to the right direction would be much appreciated.