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    System links from blog overall view to blog item without css???


      Hi there,


      Can anyone help me with the following really strange problem?


      I’m struggling many hours with the system links in overall blog view but are not able to resolve the problem. Once you click in the overall blog view to a specific blog item the system is generating a new page bit without the CSS??? I have set a template page to the blog and if I’m using the preview it looks fine. The overall blog view as well the single post view. It seems that the system is not using the CSS from the template??? Is this a bug?


      Good view’s:

      Overall blog view: http://uitstootvrij.bitl.nl/_blog/uitstootvrij_nieuws

      Single post view: http://uitstootvrij.bitl.nl/BlogRetrieve.aspx?BlogID=11720&PostID=363765



      System link view: http://uitstootvrij.bitl.nl/_blog/uitstootvrij_nieuws/post/SEO_Rapport_rondvaart-branche_o penbaar_gemaakt/


      Please help me out on this?


      Awaiting you answer and many thanks