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    Conditional Build Tags

      I have been having an issue with conditional build tags. I have a project that has 8 different build tags created. Recently I have been generating the output (webhelp files) and topics that have been tagged as (lets say) A are showing, in part, in other SSL files. As an example, if I have 30 files tagged with A, then when I generate SSL #1, 5 A-tagged topics may appear, generate SSL#2, 2 A-tagged topics may appear and so on.

      This problem has only just come up, I've been working on this project for a year and all tagging was working well. I read in forum groups that the tagging doesn't like to have space in the names so I removed mine and re-generated everything, only to have the same problems.

      Has anyone experienced this, and is there a fix for it?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi sadang and welcome to our community

          Are you saying the tagging was working as expected at one point then inexplicably stopped? Or has it never worked correctly for you?

          Do the topics in question possibly have more than a single tag applied? I'm guessing that may explain things.

          Just a thought... Rick
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            sadang Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            No. The tagging did work, then at some point, I discovered that topics were being generated into Help sets, but the topics were not tagged to go into those Help sets.

            So today I decided to delete the 6 offending topics. I opened my version of RH (5.0) and deleted the files, when I got to the last file and hit delete the software crashed. I opened up the project again, to find that the files are still there but now have a red X on the left side of the topic name. I can not open these files and the error message reads that the file does not exist. I called adobe to ask how I can get rid of the files. They tell me to check the project out of version control and remove the files and check it back in.

            Have you heard of this happening and do you know what the solution might be?

            Sheila (sadang)