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      I am taking a video class for the assosiates degree that I am working toward. One problem that I am having is that the class is teaching a Mac program that is only for the Mac. The program is Final Cut Express 4, I have Adobe Premier Pro CS6, how can I convert the files back and forth in order to turn the work in. I now the programs are similar yet different however, I don't own a Mac and I can not spend the time needed to work on these videos at the school. Thanks for the help.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          You are not going to be happy. Sorry. Disappointment is something that you may have to live with.


          If I were in your shoes, I would attempt to find a place where I could rent an old Mac for the semester. Amazon has FCE4 for under $100.


          There might be rental places with old inventory that they might be willing to rent for less that it used to go for.


          Otherwise you will have to do all the work in Premiere Pro and when you are done, deconstruct it down to the frame level and put it all back together the same way in FCE4. There just isn't a way to transfer from one to another.

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            paintballslash Level 1

            Ok thanks and I am good with disappointment.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              What 'files' are you looking to convert, the FCE project file, or the actual video and audio files?