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    Yet Another Build Thread


      I'm sure you get a lot of these, but research into specs and benchmarks hasn't really gotten me anywhere, so I've come here for a first-hand opinion. Been looking to build a new computer specced for video work with Premiere Pro and After Effects, gaming, and the ability to be able to run OSX (As I understand it, the motherboard is the crucial component here, and the P8Z77-M-PRO seems to be suitable) for breadth; it will mostly be running Windows. Here's what I'm looking at right now, subject to change:


      Intel CPU Core i7 3770K - $335.00

      CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ EVO CPU Cooler - $37.00

      Asus P8Z77-M-PRO Intel Mainboard - $129.00

      G.SKILL DDR3 16GB (2x8GB) PC-12800/1600 RipjawsX F3-1600C9D-16GXM - $95.00, perhaps 32GB.

      Bitfenix Alpha Merc Case - $49.99

      Corsair CX600 V3 80 PLUS BRONZE PSU - $95

      Gigabyte nVidia GTX 670 WF2 (?) - $419.00


      Already got a couple of pretty standard hard drives from my current build, will probably expand with a 2x WD Black RAID 0 array later on. Would like to keep this under $1500, so a 2011 CPU or Quadro card is out of the question. Not really too fussed about not having an SSD. Going to wait until prices drop to at least 50c/GB.


      As well looking for as general criticism, I have a few specific questions:


      I have read that the Nvidia 500 series provides better video performance than the 600 series due to their larger memory interfaces. How would a 570 compare to a 670 in this respect? I know that gaming performance is roughly proportional to price. Also, what about a 580? I have found myself entirely unable to find any relevant benchmarks - it's all just games.


      I am sorta cutting corners with the case and motherboard. Do you reckon I will be able to get away with this? Planning on doing some light to moderate overclocking, perhaps boost the CPU to around 4-4.2 GHz. Might also go for a second GPU further down the track (To be able to handle newer games).


      Some people have been really insistent on getting me to get an i5 instead of an i7. The latter does seem to give Premiere quite the performance boost, however. I'm guessing I shouldn't listen to them?



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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          I would still recommend the 670GTX 4GB card. The greater frame buffer will make a difference as the Hardware MPE engine evolves in the future and it uses far less power. Heat is also significantly less on the 600 series cards.




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            My guess is you have been listening to people on gamers sites. There the i5 is much more popular than the i7, because there is no performance benefit for games from an i7, only a cost disadvantage. However for editing with PR there is a clear advantage in using the i7. Yes, it costs more, but the performance is far better. Of course, the advantages increase when you are editing more complex codecs, like AVCHD, DSLR or 4K+ material.  Your PSU is really marginal, a CX600 bronze is very borderline for this configuration, especially if you intend to overclock a bit. Keep in mind that ideally you would not tax your PSU more than 50 - 60% of its capacity during normal editing sessions and that means around 300 - 350 W total use.  I think you are better off with a 750 -850 W gold rated PSU. Also remember that a PSU does not consume more energy if it has a higher power rating. A 1200 W PSU consumes the same amount of energy in a certain system as a 600 W PSU, only with much better efficiency and lower fan speeds, thus with less noise.  A second GPU will not do anything, apart from requiring a much beefier PSU and costing quite a lot. There is no performance gain at all. I second Eric's suggestion for a GTX 670/4 GB.  Be aware of the cooling paste you choose. The i7-3770 runs very hot. CoolLaboratory has a very good cooling paste, Liquid Ultra, see the warning here: http://ppbm7.com/index.php/cooling?showall=&start=4

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              WG-2 Level 1

              Hey, thanks for the replies, much appreciated.


              How much of a difference will the 4GB version of the card make, because it costs a full $100 extra. The fact that I could get a 2GB 680 for cheaper really puts me off.


              How's this for a PSU? It's only silver rated, and normally, I'd stay away from brands I've never heard of before, but this is very fairly priced and has some good reviews. (EDIT: Oh, apparently it's made by Seasonic. That's good.)


              As for thermal paste, I was planning on just using the stuff that comes with the 212+ cooler, which is apparently quite good, comparable to Artic Silver 5 and such.


              How are the case and motherboard? Going to see if I can find a similarly priced suitable full ATX motherboard later today (The one in the build above more or less has everything I need, but is mATX, and thus may have some heat issues). Should I be looking for something with a discreet RAID controller in the spec sheet, or are these standard? Every board I have looked at lists RAID capability, but says nothing about a RAID controller


              EDIT. Yep, I'll likely get a different board. Leaning towards the ASUS P8Z77-V LK, maybe the P8Z77-V with it's better heat management. Not sure if this is worth the $50 price bump, though.

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                Since most PSU's are actually manufacturered by ODM's in the east most people have never heard of, Harm's comments on what to look for are the best practice to follow regarding PSU's.


                The 670GTX and 680GTX have very little performance difference. The 4GB frame buffer wont have major effect now but will in the future as the standard workflow changes from 1080 to 2K and higher.




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                  WG-2 Level 1

                  Ah, okay. In that case, I'll settle with the 2GB 670 and upgrade to something a whole lot better later down the line, when 4K TVs and such become commonplace.

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                    WG-2 Level 1

                    Not sure if I should be double posting, but I'll do it anyway since I probably won't ever get a reply otherwise. Hope that's alright.


                    I don't understand why Xeons are so unpopular. To seems to me that their only downside is that they can't effectively be overclocked. Am I right in assuming that an E3-1230v2 is essentially the same as an i5 3550 except with hyper-threading, or is there something I'm missing? No, I don't want a Xeon for my build, since I am overclocking.


                    Also, updated build is as follows:


                    i7 3770k

                    Coolermaster 212+

                    ASUS P8Z77-V LK (May go for something with Firewire and/or eSATA inbuilt instead)

                    Coolermaster 932 case (Used off eBay for $100, will need to buy a USB 3.0 panel)

                    GSkill 1600 CL10 RAM ($20 cheaper, might as well)

                    XFX 850W Silver Rated PSU

                    Gigabyte 670 OC Edition (Extra fans are always nice)

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                      El_Plates Level 1

                      Whichever CPU you choose, make sure it's an i7. When using After Effects you'll need that Hyperthreading, and heaps of RAM. These things together make a MASSIVE difference in terms of performance. You'll find the Memory and Multiprocessing options in the After Effects "Preferences" menu. Allocate Cores and RAM from there.

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                        WG-2 Level 1

                        Xeons also have Hyperthreading, though.