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    How to fix horizontal lines in a sequence?

    Riccardo Cav


      I shot a video with a Canon Legria HF S200 and then I imported it on a mac, using iMovie. I noticed some horizontal lines, but, since it was the first time I was editing a video, I thought it was normal.

      Then I imported the files from iMovie into Adobe Premiere and the lines where still there.

      I built up my sequence and edited the video and when I exported it, I noticed the horizontal lines didn't disappear. So...problem!!!

      Now, I noticed that if you right click on the source clips in Adobe Première, you can change from "progressive" to "upper first" or "lower first". I tried to change some clips to "upper first" and actually the horizontal lines disappeared from these clips.

      Then I noticed that in the timeline if you right click on a clip you can choose "Replace with source clip" and so if in the source screen you have got the fixed clip, it replaces it and the horizontal lines disappear.

      So in the end that method seems to be working.


      I cannot do it manually for all the clips I have in my timeline...also because when I replace a clip with its fixed version from the source, it doesn't take the same point I edited in the sequence.

      So, have you got any suggestion to solve this issue without manually have to rebuild the sequence I created?


      Thank you very very much!!