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    Blogs & Entry Templates

      I've been trying to set-up Contribute (CS3) to allow me to do blog posts.... Running WordPress on my own server (not the WordPress server), and the wizard successfully completes, connects, allows me to browse and edit past entries, etc... It all seems fine.

      Until I hit "New."

      In the resulting dialog, I select "New Blog Entry," and it correctly displays a preview of my template (seemingly unrelated to the missing template preview others report)... All seems good until I enter my blog entry title, and click, "OK."

      Contribute only responds with a a cryptic, "Contribute is unable to create a new blog entry from the blog entry template file. Please choose Help > Adobe Contribute Help for assistance."

      Of course, there's nothing in help that's even vaguely related to that error message.

      I've refreshed the template from the server in Contribute (that seems to work fine)... I've located the DWT file Contribute creates each time I refresh, and load it into Dreamweaver (it also looks fine).

      I am literally at a dead end trying to figure-out why Contribute is "Unable to create a new blog entry from the blog entry template file."

      Can't even find anything on Google.

      Anyone have any clues or suggestions?