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    Imported text + Formatted Text Box + Text Size Adjust To Fit


      Apologies for the lack of technical terms, I have had a question put to me and trying to research, but I don't think I'm searching with the right keywords to find some sort of solution or online tutorial.


      Basically badges have been created in In-design, text is imported from excel (name, title etc) (this they know how to do), but what they would like to know is if the text box has been formatted e.g. type size 15pt, and the content is too long, can that particular text box have some sort of scripting that will automatically reduce the type size to 10pt for instance? I'm guessing I'm thinking of Actionscript with the 'if not this then else', and was wondering if In-Design had something similar, or if some sort of script can be created.


      Would appreciate any info, links or even what it would be called!