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    Interactive pdf-questions from InDesign 6

    Filet Design Level 1

      I have some issues making a interactive pdf in 6 - my client wants the following (witch I cant be able to figure out how to do, or even if it is possible):


      - I have some trouble making spesial caracters in the final pdf (in this case ÆØÅ - I´m Norwegian) - how do I make these letters work?

      - Can you somehow make the date-section so that it automaticly comes out the right "date"-way when people type there?

      - Can you do the same with numbers: fields that represents a sum of money?

      - Can you add the numbers of two or more fields automaticly together, making an automatic sum? In this case prices of carparts, and adding a 25% taxes and giving the final ammount all together (ExCell-style)


      I´m using MacBook Pro 10.7.5, InDesign CS6.


      Thank you for any comments....