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    Listeners and the Implementation of Package Manager

    Ryan Lunka Level 3

      I had some questions about the internal workings of Package Manager.  For some context, here's what I'm trying to do...


      Basically I need to watch a subset of nodes in my repository so that when a MVN build changes one of the properties, I can perform an action.  The nodes are i18n translation nodes which are updated via Package Manager in the MVN build.


      I wasn't sure if PackageManager invokes the SlingPostServlet to make node updates or if it had some kind of internal API.  This would allow me to use a SlingPostProcessor implementation.  As an alternative, I could probably get away with JCR observation, but I would prefer to use a higher-level functionality.  Maybe this is a stretch, but as another alternative, does Package Manager have any built-in hooks for this type of thing?  Maybe some special JCR events that it fires?


      Looking for some advice on this, so I don't head down a less optimal path.  Thanks a lot!