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    abobe premiere relation with "my documents"

    ابا هادي Level 1


      i've some files getting saved in "my documents" generated by adobe premiere cs5.5, knowing that i set the media database and scratch disks to be saved on different partitions, so how can i remove these files and never use my documents again?


      note the files are : "layouts folders and an OEM....DB something"

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          You might have to be more specific. Exactly what files? The full names of at least some of the files.


          I looked on my PC for the word "layout" and while there were many search results, none of them were in My Documents.

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            ابا هادي Level 1


            1-adobe premiere pro preview files

            2-archivedlayouts (xml files)

            3-layouts(also xml files)

            4-styles (prsl file)


            and one file "AMERequestDB"


            so when "my documents" is out of reach the software won't work, (windows serv2008 envirement )

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I find it best to keep My Documents right where Windows puts it on the C: drive and leave it accessible to all programs.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >windows serv2008 envirement


                I am surprised you are able to get the program to work at all


                No current version of Premiere works properly over a network

                -you may NOT "map" your My Documents folder to a network drive

                -you MUST give all users administrator accounts to use Premiere

                -you MAY also need to... http://forums.adobe.com/thread/969395



                -a work around, of sorts http://forums.adobe.com/thread/957523

                -and not on a "domain" http://forums.adobe.com/thread/858977

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  When I moved to a SSD for my C: drive, I moved the My Document folder to a separate (non RAID0) drive. Works great for me. I only have to back up one drive really. I occasionally clone the C: drive after installing new software. I believe that since I officially moved the My Documents directory, that Windows know where to find it, so it is accessible to all programs. Just because it isn't on the C: drive, doesn't mean it isn't referenced by "My Documents".


                  The Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files directory is determined by setting sin Premiere Pro. Each project can have it in a different place. It is controlled by Project Settings and not preferences for that reason.


                  I don't have a directory named archived layouts or archivedlayouts so I can't help with that.


                  It turns out that I do have a Layouts directory and a Styles directory for Premiere Pro after all - I don't know why I didn't see them the last time I looked. Of course, since the My Documents directory is on my G: drive, I really don't care what they put in those folders.


                  I do not know of any way to move those from My Documents. Also, I am inclined to go with John on this. How did you get CS6 to run in the Windows Server environment?

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                    ابا هادي Level 1

                    i think i wasn't clear enough, i don't want any relation between adobe premiere cs5.5 and "my documents" so how can do that

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      I think you are confusing things.  There is a 'My documents' folder where you want to have it, whether on a different local disk or somewhere on the network. It has no impact on PR. My system is part of a domain and has My documents on a network drive, which is a VMFS volume.  Then there is a 'Documents and Settings' folder and a user profile. You can move the user profile to a different local disk and that will move all subdirectories as well, such as AppData and Roaming. You have to have a good reason to do this, as this is not as simple as it sounds.  You can make life a lot easier by having only a single user that belongs to the Administrator group and that is automatically logged in as Administrator at boot time. Using the CMD.exe program and then using ATTRIB from the command line (with full inheritance) allows you to modify the security settings, so nearly everything is accessible with full access rights. A few files are excluded and require a lot of tampering to bypass the OS security settings and have no relevancy for editing.  Maybe with Server 2008 it is worth investigating the use of Active Directory, or switching to ESX for the server.

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                        Snemanje poroke Level 1



                        This is old threat, but I seek same solution, for Adobe programs, not being involved in MyDocuments folder. Reason is simple:


                        - I have big RAID0 array for my video files and SkyDrive and Dropbox installed on that volume too (I have 200+GB in thoose two cloud services).

                        - Every time I open or close any Adobe program, it writes something and SkyDrive endlessly process changes. More changes more processing.

                        - While SkyDrive processing changes, hdd array is uselles for video.


                        Having MyDocuments in Dropbox, that was not an issue: Dropbox is waay faster with processing and indexing small files, than Skydrive. While I tested SkyDrive I had it on SSD. But now with 90GB of files I can not afford to have it on SSD. So I moved on my big stripe volume. The partial dolution is that I move Skydrive folder to another single drive, where that will not interfere so much, but I would rather have theese folder elsewhere (Maybe under documents and setting like other adobe settigs are). 

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                          Snemanje poroke Level 1

                          I have my entire MyDocuments in SkyDrive on volume V: since it is 2TB Stripe created with WD RE drives. I do have 3x 120 GB Intel ssd for system and other stuff like caching, indexes, Lightroom, temp file. It's perfectly fast, while on V drive is only big-huge (Cineform) videofiles. Since I moved Skydrive from SSD to V drive and especialy from the time I moved MyDocuments from Dropbox to SkyDrive, nightmare started, because:


                          - skydrive "looking for changes" veeeery long each time (big folder and the way it works)

                          - Premiere Pro saves thing in MyDocuments folder constantly


                          And if I do video editing while "looking for chages" it takes ages to update. And video editing suffers. So I just switch of skydrive during edit and plan to move SkyDrive to another 2TB drive which is for backup only. But it is "green" and single hdd, so much slower than on fast raid. 


                          I'm not willing to pay for antoher expensive SSD just to sit SkyDrive on it, containing 100GB pictures and documents. When one of my video SSD's will be planned for upgrade, this problem will not exixt any moore. But until the, I seek for solution to move thing out of mydoc folder.


                          Premiere writes there only junk. Important stuff like "custom keyboard" and "custom effect presets" are elsewhere (in hidden folder on C). But I'll wait what CC will bring. Maybe they are changed this behaviour since they claim Cloud backup of all settings.


                          Thanks anyway for trying to help.

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            You can have My Documents on a server instead of on a local disk without problems.


                            I have My Documents on two servers that are synchronized over a VPN. Just make sure that you have setup this My Documents that it gets priority from the local server and only reverts to the VPN connection in case the first connection fails.


                            This is what it looks like:


                            Adobe documents.png


                            You have a problem if both server01 (local) and server02 (VPN) are down, then PR will not start at all. If only server02 (VPN) is available, startup is of course slow, but PR will work. It helps when the network connection is over 'teamed' 1Gb ethernet, effectively a 2Gb connection.