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    CS6 Content Aware Tool Always Creates a Mess

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      Help! I've tried to use the Content Aware tool since CS5 but it never seems to do what it says on the tin.


      I'm now with CS6 and I still have the same problems. I draw a marquee  and right click fill/ content aware and it gives me visual gobbledegook, regardless of how simple or complicated the selection. The first couple of times I've used the tool in each version, the results wern't bad but it's like a cache is getting full or something because after the first half dozen times, the results deteriorate and I spend more time cleaning up the results than doing it the hard way.


      I attach a couple of before and after images.  I used the magnetic lasso tool in the example below but I've tried other tools, such as the pen tool. This is the best I've achieved but it's brought in artefacts from the plants and a dirty stained look on the wall. Basically it looks nothing like the results of the demos I've seen.




      Can anyone tell me if I am doing something rediculously wrong and overlooking the obvious or how I can set myself up to use this tool to give results like in the demos?