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    Is there another product of Adobe that has similar functions like Adobe Forms Central


      Hello dear Adobe team,


      I have an urgent question, thus I hope you can answer me as quickly as possible.

      I work in a company, that uses "Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard" and my boss is interested in using Adobe FormsCentral in order to create forms in pdf and especially in uploading these forms online so that our client can them fill in easily.

      Unfortunately, our department probably  will not allow us to download Adobe FormsCentral or buy it because of security reasons.

      Now we would like to know, if there is any actualisation/version (or the like) of the product "Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard" that has the same functions like "Adobe FormsCentral", so that there would be no need to buy a new product and ask our company for permission.


      Thank you very much!