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    "JavaScript Editor": need to make a %-number of several boxes

    Filet Design

      I´m making an interactive pdf and have some trouble making a box doing what I want it to (I´m a rookie in web-related design, I´m afraid)....the issue is that I have several boxes where you should type in numbers (what did the car cost, what does the insurance cost etc) and then automaticly in a box under these set it to calculate 25% of the amount, adding it to the total amount.


      I have made the total sum-box doing what it should: adding together the numbers from the  boxes above, but I need this last one and there isn ´t any automatic way to do it; I have to go to "Custom calculation Script" and type in Java, and I do not have to skill to do this.....


      Anyone have a solution, or colud please help?


      I´m using MacBook Pro 10.7.5 and Adobe Acrobat X Pro.