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    Interactive 3D animation Like "Flash"


      Hi guys


      Im new here and i was wondering how to set up an interactive 3d animation like this.



      Im a 3d designer so the rendering will be no problem,

      but I would like to make it more interactive..hope to hear from you guys..

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          Jerry Witt Level 2

          That site is using Flash and it is triggering a lot of small FLV (video) files. They play a little segment and then stop. Notice how the 3D animation always reurns to the wide shot so you can trigger the next animation?


          Technically you could do the same thing in EA and HTML5. But instead of FLV you would need to produce at least a couple of flavors of each video (mp4, oog, webm) to service the various browsers. Also it would probably still be a bit janky on the iPad, because I think the user has to manually trigger the playback of the video.

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            I have been working on something similar, but am finding it difficult to use video in EA. Are there any workflows to use video without an online host like youtube? Without sprites as well.