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    GREP replacement displaces character styles

    Rhiannon Miller Level 1

      I have a problem with GREP find and replace operations on text styled with character styles. If the operation involves deleting or adding any text, then the character styles of the following text are displaced. So for example:


      fffhello bold text italic textfff


      search for


      replace with



      would become


      hello bold text italic text


      It's as if the character style stays put while the characters themselves move. It doesn't happen with a text replace (e.g. find 'fff' and replace with nothing).


      I'm using a Mac, and am currently on CS6 but I remember noticing it on CS5 and CS4 as well. (In fact, I raised it as a bug, and an engineer tried to persuade me that this was desired behaviour, though I can't imagine any circumstance under which it would be.) Does anyone know of any way around it?