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    File output in Premiere 5.5


      I'm ready to output a short file to send to someone that will view it on a 40" TV. The file is from a Canon 5D Mark iii and I want to output it to the most appropriate hi-res format. Can anyone recommend what that format would be?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1920 x 1080 H.264

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            Felix CL Level 3

            Hi shelly,

            it depends more on the device, someone will play it back with, not the size of the TV.

            • for a file based playback on an HD device, you should output anHD file (e.g.  h.264 1920x1080 pixels)

            the latter matches the output of your camera so it would be the best choice, if your client can play it back.

            (what should not be a problem these days.)



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              Stephen_Spider Level 3

              Two things where you have to start. One, what format did you record in? You do not want to resize to 1080 if you shot in 720. It would likely be best to deliver the video in the resolution and framerate that you shot in. An exception to this would be if the video was shot in a format not compatible with Blu Ray, and Blu Ray happens to be their only HD playing option.


              2nd,   What devices can they use to play the video? Do they have a Blu Ray player?  Can the monitor be  hooked up to a PC or laptop with HDMI? Is the computer or laptop a Mac? This makes some difference.


              Best option, if they have an HDMI plugged in from a computer, send a H.264 file that matches the originals framerate and resolution.


              If Bluy Ray is the only HD option, and you have that delivery option, burn them a Blu Ray disc.


              If they only have a DVD player, see if the dvd player supports HD DVDs, otherwise DVD it is.


              Of course you could always host a HD video for them to view on Vimeo, which might be better than a DVD option.