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    Protected downloaded PDF but source says not protected


      Acrobat Pro 9 on OSX.

      I download bank statements and save as PDFs and then open them with Acrobat 9 to annotate purchases for benefit of the accountant (attach a digital sticky note).

      In the past this has worked fine but now I can't edit b/c it says the document is password protected though the bank says it does not secure the document prior to download (they do secure their website of course). Could it be a password is being assigned locally on my computer by the Acrobat software during the import/opening process? (I haven't found where this could be set if, indeed, it is an option)

      Any other thoughts? If I did at some point initiate a password process, I don't recall how/where I would have or what the password is.


      Message was edited by: mvtdphoto Just thought I should add that if I delete old 'secured' PDF & download same again, the new one is secured as well.