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    Best specs to run Photoshop CS6 on a MacBook Pro.

    Sumi Mathew


      I am considering a MBP for all my photoshop work. Currently using Photoshop CS6


      From 2007-2010 I had my old MBP (late 2006 model). Then in 2011 I was using the 2011 iMac, 2.5ghz, 4gb ram. I sold the iMac as I felt more comfortble with the laptop in terms of working anywhere and anytime. Also for some reason I just strangly enough found the iMac a bit sluggish compared to the smooth performance I had with my old MBP. I mean the iMac is fast, way faster than my old MBP, but sometimes the mouse is just stuck there and i feel annoyed that I cant get moving on as i am waiting for 'something' thats really not there... However I do think that it may have been due to the wireless bluetooth mouse that I was using... but not sure.


      I run psd files that have a large number of layers and can reach a size of 3-4gb per file while processing and when saved and closed upto 2gb. I rarely use filters, but when i do, its mainly the blur filters and then sometimes the others.



      I am considering the 15" MBP base model but bump up the RAM to 8gb... I wish it were more than 8 though...

      and getting a SSD drive of 128gb... too expensive other wise and this is enough for my work files as I have 2 additional backups on external HDs.

      and VRam of 512gb

      with an anti glare display... as the glossy is just plain killing me (experienced on my old iMac).



      I like the size & portability of the 13", but the lack of a dedicated VRAM is putting me off. I could always get an external display later if the need be, however what about VRAM... its shared right? How will that affect CS6 performance?


      So any suggestions regarding my choice of specs. I would like to really bump up the RAM but the only option i have is 8gb. Also I hope to use this system for another 3-4 years alteast if it does not have any other issues.