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    Hardware Upgrade?

    csgaraglino Level 1

      I am currently running CS6 on an older home-built system consisting of:

      AMD Quad Core 3.2ghz

      8gb RAM

      Nvida 550ti

      Lots of drive space, etc.


      I am wanting to upgrade my core machine components to something a little faster, but will support 16gb + of RAM

      I am thinking of just upgrading the case (something more cooler), Motherboard, CPU and RAM - I have the rest.


      a) I am not sure if I should go Intel or AMD?

      b) Do I go 4, 6 or 8 cores?

      c) 16gb ram is probably fine for now - but I don't want it to be the limit.

      d) I have about $600 in my budget


      I am looking for some input, thoughts, and even locations to buy?