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    Exporting to Encore from Premiere

    Tony Deak

      Hi all,

      I have Premiere Pro CS6 and I have completed my ediring in Premiere. I am ready to export the work so I can place it into Encore and do more work.

      However in Premiere , I go to export, media and do all the settings. Yet I cannot work out what option to use so the work can be recognised by Encore.


      Also is their an option like their was back in CS3 were you can export your work straight to Encore?


      Thank you

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go to File/Adobe Dynamic Link/Send to Encore.

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            1. In Premiere Pro, select a sequence.

            2. (Optional) Add Encore chapter markers, if desired. See Add Encore chapter markers.

            3. (Optional) If you are producing a sequence for standard-definition output that includes high-definition clips, select Maximum

            Render Quality before using Dynamic Link to send the sequence to Encore for DVD authoring. This does not apply to HD

            sequences that use Dynamic Link for Blu-Ray Disc authoring.

            4. Choose File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send To Encore.

            5. On the Basic tab in the New Project dialog box, type a name for the disc into the Name field.

            6. (Optional) Click Browse and browse to a location for the Encore project, to change it from the default location.

            7. In the Project Settings pane, select the name of the authoring mode desired.

            The sets of options available in the Settings area and on the Advanced tab depend on whether Blu-ray or DVD is the

            authoring mode.

            The authoring mode can be changed at any time in Encore, in the Project Settings dialog box.

            8. (Optional) Click Advanced, and select the desired transcoding settings.

            9. Click OK.

            Premiere Pro starts Encore. The Encore Project panel contains the dynamically linked Premiere Pro project and sequence.

            10. Finish authoring and exporting in Encore. For more information about using Encore to author and build DVDs, Blu-ray discs

            and SWF files, see Encore Help.

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              Tony Deak Level 1

              Thank you.