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    Reveal in finder not working


      Hi and thanks for reading. This isn't a big issue but I couldn't find any info anywhere on this. I noticed in 5.5 when I click on a clip and try to get it to reveal in Finder nothing happens...I believe it did work when I first installed it but I can't be sure at this point. However the reveal in Bridge works and finds the file. I thought things would fix itself when I did a clean install of Mountain Lion and then installed CS6 but the issue is still there. I find it more convienent to see it in Finder then Bridge especially having to wait for Bridge to open. Does anyone have any ideas why reveal in Finder is not working for me? If it matter I did some rearranging of the Adobe apps...I have the Production Suite...I moved them all from the Applications folder to an Adobe sub folder in the Apps folder. I don't know why Adobe spreads them all out like that. Thanks for any help on this.