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    Cursor will disappear when over menue or palette quite often, slow performance


      Photoshop CS 13.0.1 x64 via Creative Cloud

      Mac Pro mid 2012 3.33 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon

      ATI Radeon 5870 1GB

      48GB RAM

      Clean Install Mac OS ML 10.8.2

      Nothing customized in PS so far...


      My Cursor disappears when over Menue or Palettes quite often (10 to 50 times a day) - will come back when going to the dock  and back to Photoshop.

      Today healing brush hangs and would not work proper.

      (Only 18 from 37GB Photoshop reserved RAM used)


      Photoshop only Program open besides Safari and Mail.

      Photoshop is not in Scratch jet (120GB empty SSD that is not used - checked by the Info for that volume) - Efficiency 100%


      System and Photoshop on Startvolume SSD 120 GB 60% free space

      Workingfiles other SSD 240 GB 90 GB free

      Scratch an SSD on its own 120 GB not used so far


      The working file is 7216 x 5412 px, 16 bit RGB, about 50 layers and 12,5 GB uncompressed PSB.

      The file is saved encrypted (FileFault 2) but in my understanding that should not matter when the picture is open in Photoshop?


      Anyone some suggestions?