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    Problems exporting to .fla file




      I have a cp file that is a lesson, partially generated in power point and imported to cp. My job here is to modify some behaviors at the end of a quiz that is in the captivate sequence, so I exported to fla, to modify the AS. But when I export to .fla file I get just the first slide, and the next slides are empty. Added to this I lost the sound (the explanation of the lesson).


      I have to skip the gray boxes that cp shows at the end of the quiz, when you press the post results button.

      Once you pressed "post results" the final results are sended to an external php file that save it to a database, so we don't need the subsequent form, and we want to just skip it.


      exists any way to do it without exporting to .fla?


      If there is no other way, how can I export it to get the whole fla file?


      Thank you.