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    Drawing/Sketch effect?

    Cosmic Poptart

      I was on YouTube browsing videos of After Effects and I came across an interesting one: http://youtu.be/Ay6FfKggraM


      I was wandering how the person made the squiggly or drawn lines in the triangle. Could anybody direct me to a good tutorial? Thanks.


      EDIT: I'm kind of looking for something to where it would look like real time drawing.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The line that draws the triangle at the start is simply the Stroke Effect animating the start or end point. The scribble that fills the triangle is just the Scribble effect. Changing the scribble to the filled shape is nothing more than a simple transition using opacity from a layer that has Scribble applied to a duplicate that is filled.


          The only trick is that you have to apply Scribble before you apply Stroke. IOW, Stroke is at the bottom of the stack in the ECW...


          Take a look at this screenshot and you'll see all that's required to draw the triangle and add the scribble.Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 9.52.33 PM.png