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    Error message ''Disk Full' when trying to export with CS6, works fine in 5.5


      I get an error message when I try to export media in Premiere CS6 that I don't have in CS5.5

      I use export media for a AVCHD 60fps sequence with a few photoshop images on top of the main track. In the export settings I choose ''match sequence settings'' which gives me a .mpeg I- frame, 1920 x 1080 P, 60fps, quality 50, and a I tick the ''use maximum render quality'' check box at the bottom.

      It used to work fine but now I get a message: Disk Full where there is 1.5 TB free on the disk?

      I have the exact same sequence made in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and it exports fine.

      It started to act weird after I used the queue for the first time and it went to the CS6 encoder.

      Since I used that once and it gave me that message for the first time, even when I try to do the same thing directly in Premiere CS6 , I always get the same error message.


      Question 2, is there a place to change the settings from 50 to 100 for the quality of this export profile?


      By the way I can export with other profiles without problems but this setting is the only one that I've seen that lets me keep my 60 frames per second in the export

      process. (Example: I can export this sequence in the H.264, 1920 x 1080, 30fps, high quality preset, using the maximum render quality in CS6)